In 2008, with her love for travel, seven cameras and a broken heart, Anthea set out on her first of many visits to India, which would ultimately shape her photographic work for the next 15 years.

Anthea has exhibited in multiple CONTACT Photography Festival exhibitions over the years. Collectors of Anthea’s work include editors, authors, agents, art directors, media executives and other creative people with good taste. 

About The Work

From her numerous travels to India, Anthea Baxter-Page explores how the cohesion of this complex society is revealed through its impact on the architecture. Every fort, palace, archway and corridor is seeped in the history of human experience spanning thousands of years.

Granite, marble and earth appear polished from the constant flow of hands and feet, as people pass through these spaces in acts of ceremony and worship, labour and recreation, conflict and triumph.

In the same way, imperfect surfaces reveal layers of stories in times passed. Crumbling walls once adorned by mirror and jewels reveal a fading majesty. Painted shop walls bear the mark of efforts in trade and labour. Makeshift additions and rushed paint jobs tell the story of a busy life and meagre means. 


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Work is also available through Alison Milne GalleryGallery Little Red and Silvershack.

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